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Hello and welcome to Ugly Duck. I spent years not living the life I wanted. Depression, anxiety and fear stopped me. Utter desperation, and pure dumb luck, led me to stumble onto a course that within twelve weeks led me to authentic confidence. So this is what it’s like to feel good about myself! Life is too short not to take that step. There's only one time to live your life, and that's right now! 


Life Coaching

Sessions are conducted online and in person when able

 Life Coaching can turn your dreams into your real life - only what is coaching?


Life Coaching is a powerful and effective tool that, frankly, does more than one thing:


It keeps you focused on what you want - and helps you get it


It helps you develop self awareness so you can discover what it is you really want


It helps you uncover the blocks that stop you making your dreams a reality and what you can do to overcome them.


The best way to answer the question 'what is coaching?' is to try it. For £20 you can have a taster session that will let you experience how coaching can bring real change to your life.


Then, if you find coaching is for you, you can sign on for the full program -

£300 for 6 sessions

Alternatively you're welcome to pay £60 for individual sessions.



A major block stopping us taking action is thinking we can't do it anyway.

This year I've be training with Claire Schrader so I can share her Sunflower Effect with you.


It's now your turn to discover the confidence that's buried deep inside you, no matter how deep and for how long. 


Click   for for details for the one day Express Yourself Workshop.

Other courses to follow very soon.



My name is Jane Timberlake and I lost the first forty-five years of my life to chronic depression. For most of that time I didn’t even know I was depressed. I was shy, I was alone, and I made one bad decision after another. It never occurred to me to go to my GP. There was no cure for being a loser. Finally, a crisis got out of hand and I was diagnosed with severe depression. I was relieved! I finally knew what was wrong with me. 


Years later, I was no better. Unemployable, lacking any kind of skills whatsoever, I did something I had never done before: I signed up for a course. Things were so bad I accepted I was going to have to do something, anything, and that meant stepping far outside my comfort zone and doing something I'd never done before. I was going to go to the trouble of travelling into town once a week and be around total strangers. I sometimes found it hard to do things I enjoyed with people I knew and liked, but I knew I couldn’t let the second half of my life go the same way as the first. I don’t think I even knew a lack of confidence was my problem. I just considered myself incapable of anything. I was in search of skills for an idea way above my station (something about public storytelling) so I chose a course that used drama techniques, thinking, hoping, it would lead to me having the courage to go forward with my idea. 

I went to the Intro evening and saw people looking how I felt - so nervous I didn’t even have time to register how terrified I was, only able to recognise it on other peoples faces. By the end of that evening I was still nervous, but I was also glad, so very very glad, that I’d done it, that I’d been able to do it, mainly because I was there, had paid to be there, and I had to do something and not sit out and watch everybody else get on with it like I usually do. I felt invigorated, and found myself looking forward to the course itself.

Twelve weeks later I was astounded at the difference in myself. I felt good! I felt hopeful! I felt worthy of the attention I was paid! I was aware that I wanted to keep going, so I did. I signed up for another course. And another.  

A couple of years later I decided to train as a Life Coach. While working my way through the exercises I realised just how much my attitude towards myself had changed. I was confident! I wasn’t living in fear. I felt capable and worthy of the life I wanted. Around that time, on yet another course, I suddenly realised that I truly accepted myself, that I no longer hated myself for not being how I thought I should be.

I still struggle, I still have episodes - including totally losing that confidence and then getting it back! But on the whole, I can now process those feelings much better and keep those episodes to a minimum. I'm able to focus again on the life I want to live. I’m now training with Claire Schrader, confidence facilitator and creator of the Sunflower Effect, so I can run courses based on her Sunflower Effect myself. I also offer Life Coaching so, once you are more confident, you can dig deeper and discover what else is stopping you from living the life you've always wanted, and then actually take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams.


 I hope you join me, so you too can live your life and pursue what’s truly important to you.


It is possible. Give yourself the chance to discover how.

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What They’re Saying

Jane’s encouraging style and compassionate manner helped me feel comfortable and at ease from the outset. The creative exercises and tips were very useful; in facilitating me to shift my perspective and approach to writing website content. Jane provided a clear sounding board that helped me gain clarity and next step actions. The sessions also served as great accountability, in motivating me to review my progress before each session and clarify what I needed from each. Helping me keep me focused and on track. And creating momentum in progressing with my website content. Thank you for the sessions I appreciate your help.


Thanks to Jane and her supportive coaching.
I enjoyed our sessions together and felt listened and supported all the way through. She helped me take the time to reflect on some current challenges, as her questions helped me to consider different perspectives I would not have considered on my own. Great coaching, thank you Jane!


Jane has a very easy and inviting way. I never felt inadequate or intimidated. She completely understood my low confidence, low output and time issues, and then offered a great mix of searching questions and the odd (and very welcome) tips and reassurances to help me start writing. She always had just the right amount of energy and empathy to match the mood I was in and didn’t shy back from asking tough or uncomfortable questions to move me along when necessary. With Jane’s help, I’ve overcome my biggest obstacles and have put measures into place to keep me writing even after our sessions have finished.
The enjoyment and satisfaction I feel by following my life-long dream is priceless, and I can’t thank Jane enough for helping me make it happen.

Silke Endacott



London, UK

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