Breakthrough Confidence Course 

Next course starts Thursday 22nd September 2022, Ealing, London


                                     Fast, effective and proven to overcome shyness, stage fright and inhibitions.   


                                                                              Designed for quiet people.                               


                                                     Build a natural self-confidence that feels like the “real you”.



The Breakthrough Group will enable you to break out of your shell - no matter how inhibited or stuck you feel you are - and develop an effortless self-confidence that comes from an authentic place within.

It's an opportunity to get out of your head and explore what is blocking you. How, I hear you cry! The same why I did, through the Sunflower Effect, an adapted form of drama designed for people who have no aptitude or interest in drama. The Sunflower Effect works in a magical way (it certainly seems so) that gets right to the subconscious root of the issue, and it's also enormous fun. And this is one of the reasons why it's so effective.

If you've tried numerous courses and techniques to help overcome these issues, I totally understand why you might be reluctant to invest in yet another thing. The Sunflower Effect is based on Claire Schrader's work of being a shy introvert and what really worked in getting her out of her shell. Her work saved my life, and I've since trained with her so I can share this utterly amazing work with others. I'm now doing things I never thought I'd do (like running my own business).

The Sunflower Effect has worked for hundreds of people with confidence issues, many of whom have struggled for years. They say this works quicker and more effectively than any other approach they've tried. 

This group is designed for you if:

You want to break out of your shell. You may be an introvert, quiet, shy, reserved or been through experiences that have caused you to retreat into your shell - and you know it's time you came out. You're looking for a safe environment where you wont be put under stress or pressure but allowed to emerge at your own pace, and in your own way.

You lack self-confidence, or lost your confidence, whether you know why or not, and you know some part of you is hiding and keeping you away from the success you could achieve.

You want to overcome your fear/avoidance of the spotlight so you can be seen, valued and recognised by the people who are important to you

You are perceived by others as being 'too quiet' (as if it's their business!) You experience social anxiety, awkwardness, or feel you're invisible to other people. You know you need to be more 'outgoing', say, for work, if you want to progress. (It's not about changing who you are, it's about being more comfortable with yourself, and extending your comfort zone when you have to.)

You have a tendency to bottle up your feelings, or don't express your feelings for fear of hurting other people and this may be creating health problems, tiredness and feeling blocked or stuck.


I was sceptical at first

It's hard to sum up the benefits of the 12 week breakthrough course in a few sentences, but I really feel the course has been life changing. Before the course started, I was super anxious and felt uncomfortable in all aspects of my life, in my career, in my relationships and how I reacted to the world. I was very shy, and stuck in a real rut, feeling isolated, helpless and small. I was sceptical at first, but by committing myself to the programme, I have made better progress than I could have hoped for.

Not only this, but I have gone through a transformative process with a group of people who were going through similar issues, which showed me that I was not alone, I was not the only one with these issues. We have all grown together, supporting each other every step of the way, and I am proud to call these people friends for life. By doing the course, I have experienced a real shift, I am able to enjoy life much more and I have improved my connections with friends, family, my girlfriend and my social groups, I get so much more out of each and every day.

Matthew, market research professional

I had tried everything

I had been suffering from social anxiety from a very young age. I had tried CBT, Anger management therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression therapy and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped me. All I gained is an understanding of where my anxiety stems from and what causes it. In fact I would feel even more sad and disappointed because I knew that it had failed - and gutted also because of the huge amount of money I had to pay for each of those courses.

Breakthrough is a slow and steady process. The important part is to stick to it and not give up because eventually there will be a moment or many moments during the breakthrough where you will feel the change inside you and you will know that now you have the confidence to take the next step. This was the first ever programme that actually managed to bring about a change in me. I have been feeling great ever since.

Stefan, student, Bradford.

I didn't think it would work for me because I have too deep shyness

I wanted to participate in the breakthrough group to challenge myself and get rid of my shyness which was taking over my life. At first, I didn't think it would work for me because I have too deep shyness.

I really enjoyed the different exercises in the first part of the course - working with the story, the ability to enter and become one of the characters. At the end of the first part, I was able to wake up in the morning and feel I was putting on the costume of the main character in the story and as a result I felt more confident to face the outside world.

I was able to explore myself in the course and how the shy Joanne is with other people, how I suppress myself when I don't express my true nature. This was really good because I have never been able to see how deeply I react, how blocked I am within my shell.

I enjoyed being with people who have the same issues as me. I enjoyed working on the breakthrough of the others in the group, it was powerful. When it came to my breakthrough, I immediately knew that I needed to break my shell. Watching the others do their breakthrough and participating in them helped me to understand myself a little more. I understood that I am an introverted person and to accept myself as I am. I also learned that as a pretty girl, I didn't need to hide myself.

I have also stopped taking too much notice of the critical people at work, or anywhere else, who judge my shyness. Because having people judging the thing you do is like a brake, but I finally know how to avoid the sadness of being judged/criticised by people. it may seem strange but I feel much more beautiful now, my inner voice which always used to criticise me has changed radically and this inner voice is now much more kind and nicer and has beautiful thoughts.

Joanne, Analyst, London

Increased Hope

Before I joined the course I had concerns as to what would be demanded of me and how I would interact with others. Would I cope? I felt that my problems may be less than others and therefore might be taking the place of someone more worthy.

The strongest memory of the course was the fun - I enjoyed it immensely. Laughing, playing and working dramas out together. I enjoyed playing the lively characters. I found it gave me scope to be creative and expressive. Achieiving a creative piece of drama that gave joy to others and stirred a giggle or two. 

Since I've finished the course I see the possibility of reducing or eliminating my problems as more real. I still feel stuck but the glue is not so binding. Working together with others and feeling the positive energy from them. I have increased hope now, I do feel I could move on still more in time - the journey has begun. Making yourself vulnerable needs a degree of trust and good friends can be made in this unique melting pot.

Ron P Driver, London

If this resonates with you, if you know you need to break out if you're going to live the way you want to live, the next opportunity to join Breakthrough is coming up.

The group is limited to 12 people. This means you will build up a strong level of trust with a small group of people who are 100 percent in support of you making a significant breakthrough. This makes the group a very safe place to explore any area where you are stuck.

You will also be able to work on the particular issue that is holding you back - don't worry if you think you don't know what it is! It still works! You can still watch your life begin to transform in magical and unexpected ways, old emotional baggage and patterns simply melt away.

Breakthrough Evening Group

Dates:   22nd September - 8th December - Thursday evenings, 12 sessions

Times:   7.00pm - 9.00pm

Venue:   The Lodge, Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, Ealing, W5 5BQ



Special Early Bird price! Book by 18th September and pay £270


£330, can be paid in instalments (contact me directly to arrange this)




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