When will it ever be the right time?

Now’s the time!

I know you think it’s not. Next week. Next month. Next year. Then you’ll be ready. Then you’ll be … What?

So what will be different about you this time next year? Chances are nothing, so you’ll put that thing you really want to do off for yet another year. And then another.

Aren’t these the same dreams you had last year? What’s different about you this year that will allow you to take the steps so things actually happen this time?

It’s never going to be a good time to do it, that thing you’re desperate to do. You call it a pipe dream but it’s still the thing that’s keeping you going, the idea that someday it will happen. Somehow.

So you might as well start today. Now. This morning, this afternoon, this evening - Not tomorrow! We all know what that means. Do it now!

You tell yourself it’s not really you, for you, that kind of life, but it is! That’s why you keep thinking about it. You are naturally drawn to it. If that’s how you see yourself, want to see yourself, want to be, then it is a true part of you. It is calling you.

So what’s stopping you making it happen?

It’s nothing to do with what time it is. Sorry to be blunt, but you’re the problem.

You think you can’t do it. You tell yourself you can’t - Who’s voice is that? Whose words are those? Are they yours? The same brain that dreamt up your future can’t be the same brain that keeps trying to steal it from you. But it is. Your brain (or your parents or partner if that’s who that voice sounds like) is trying to protect you (or themselves) - from failure, from difficulty, from the heartache of losing that dream when you fail -

So go ahead and fail! And try again. Trying means you took that path, you took the steps necessary to live your life. Maybe you turn down another path along the way, the point is you’re moving, you’re out there trying, learning and doing, accomplishing, succeeding!

There’ll always be something that causes us stress, so we might as well stress over something we want! It can be coped with. Things will get easier - once you’ve taken that first step. And that’s the hardest. And it’s always going to be hard. So just do it.

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